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?מהו סקין קיור

Skin Cure

The revolutionary home technology for rejuvenating firming and rejuvenating your skin at home
5 facial and body treatments

Skin Cure combines 5 treatments  In ultrasound technology, microcurrent (galvanic) and phototherapy treatment with infrared light

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Suitable for home use

Suitable for all skin types

15 minutes treatment

Introduction of moisturizers and nourishment


Introducing creams, serums and nutrients deep into the skin  (5 minutes)


Combined ultrasound therapy, galvanic therapy  Ion (-) and infrared light therapy

High-intensity ultrasound waves combined with galvanic microcurrent therapy  (-)   Used to infuse moisture and intense nutrients deep into the skin. 

Firming the skin and lifting loose skin

Stimulating a natural collagen creature and lifting the skin  (5 minutes)


Lifting therapy combined with ultrasound and infrared light

Voice vibration at a rate of 1.7 million beats per second  Combined with infrared light causes intense stimulation of blood circulation and stimulation of skin regeneration, the treatment is stimulating  A natural collagen creature for firming and lifting the skin.

For dissolving fats from firming and toning the body

Dissolving fats and toning the body   (10 minutes)


Fat dissolving treatment and ultrasound volume reduction  

A revolutionary treatment for dissolving fats, slimming and reducing cellulite with the help of ultrasound waves at a high and unique rate, ultrasound waves dissolve the fat from solid to liquid, the dissolved fat drains through the lymph system and is cleansed from the body. After several treatments, the appearance of cellulite can be noticed, it is recommended to perform a series of about 10-15 treatments in order to achieve a significant improvement in the appearance of cellulite and continue to maintain the treatment from time to time as needed.

Clarification of pigmentation spots


Photo Rejuvenation Renews skin lightening and rejuvenation  (10 minutes)


Photo rejuvenation treatment  For rejuvenating and brightening the skin with the help of an infrared light beam  

Infrared light rays  Clarifies pigmentation spots and sun spots and effectively. Light waves inhibit skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles,  Dilated capillaries constrict, pores constrict and tighten the skin.

Lymphatic cleansing and massage


Treatment for cleansing and renewing facial skin  (5 minutes)


Treatment  Integrated ultrasound and positive micro-galvanic ion treatment (+)

High-intensity ultrasound wave oscillations  Causes the removal of dead cells and cleansing of waste from the pores of the skin, at the same time positive (+) microwaves cause absorption of waste from the depths of the skin, thorough cleansing and disinfection of the skin and preparation of the skin for absorption of moisture and nourishment.

SKIN CURE device

Regular price: 3,900 NIS

Special price: 3,600 NIS

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