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Smoothing wrinkles with mesotherapy

Introduction -

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy treatment  Is therapy  With the help of a needle roller in the stabbing technique that helps stimulate blood circulation, the collagen is created and the skin regenerates.

Variety can be introduced  Solutions from this therapeutic cocktail that are individually tailored to each need.

How to smooth wrinkles  With mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy treatment combined with serum from this therapeutic cocktail works to reduce and smooth wrinkles  Of different types  Using ingredients that serve as fillers for wrinkles, other ingredients are responsible for  Collagen and elastin production, as well as by active ingredients that moderate the action of the causative muscles  For expression lines.


Wrinkle smoothing mesotherapy is especially active in the area of expression lines, eye corners and smile lines. Works to thicken the skin in various ways, contains substances that add volume to the skin and substances that stimulate increased production of collagen, thus contributing to reducing the depth of wrinkles.

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