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About us

Medical Beauty Founded in 2008, the company is engaged in the import and marketing of cosmetic equipment and cosmetics and skin care products from the world's leading brands.

At Medical Beauty we have a wide range of products that are renewed from time to time, on our site you will find the most effective solutions in the most advanced and professional technologies for a wide range of skin problems, home beauty treatments for skin care and rejuvenation, skin firming, hair removal, pain treatment, oral hygiene products and more.


Our products undergo strict quality control and meet the most stringent standards in the world in order to provide our customers with the most efficient and safe products to use.

Medical Beauty markets its products to private clients, beauticians and selected beauty salons.


Medical Beauty operates a customer service department and a technical department that includes a quality and professional team that provides a quick solution to technical problems for the products that the company markets.


In addition to the range of quality products from Medical Beauty, we place special emphasis on the quality and efficiency of the service.  


Rabbi Nissenbaum 37 Bat Yam

Customer Service 03-6321826

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