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Black vacuum cleaner

Blackheads are a serious nuisance and many of us wonder how to get blacks out independently without hurting and damaging the facial skin. And spend hours in front of the mirror trying to get them out. Recently we have started to hear more and more about vacuum cleaners vacuuming blacks from the skin. Does it really work, and to whom does it work  appropriate?

How does the black vacuum device work?

Each person has at least three million pores, using regular soap it is difficult to clean the fat from depth.

The device has a high-intensity vacuum in order to pump the black heads from the depths of the skin.  

The lower ultrasound head of the device  Warms to 46 degrees and produces a frequency of 8,600 voice vibrations per second, which shocks and relaxes blacks to allow  The device has a black vacuum cleaner to remove the black heads easily  

How to prevent the appearance of blackheads on the nose?

1. Washing face

Wash your face in the morning and evening with soap that suits your skin type, after a full day of being under the hot sun the facial skin needs some refreshing and cleansing.

2. Moisture 

It is recommended to avoid applying oily creams on the facial skin and instead choose a light moisturizer based on water. Using a greasy moisturizer may cause increased formation of blackheads.

3. Over-cleaning

Be careful not to over-cleanse the facial skin with dehydrating preparations that include alcohol, menthol and more ... Over-drying can lead to the opposite reaction, over-secretion of fats in the skin, which can cause the formation of additional and unnecessary black heads.

4. Drinking water

Drinking water is the key to healthy and clean facial skin, water is the one that flushes harmful toxins out of the body, if the body does not need enough water, the toxins find another way to get out of our body, such as on our skin (eczema, blackheads…).

Who is a black vacuum cleaner suitable for?

Whether you are twenty or forty years old, a black vacuum cleaner device must go into your grooming routine.


Regular use helps to eliminate blackheads and cleans the pores from the accumulation of fat, sweat and dirt, it contributes to the opening of the pores for better absorption of the face cream in the deeper layers of the skin.

Cost-effective cosmetic, efficient and safe to use.

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