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Black suction device  letme 

Meet letme - a powerful black suction device with extremely strong suction power.  

Let him do the work

Letme's pumping technology is unique and powerful and allows for thorough cleaning of blackheads and debris from the depths of the skin while adapting to different areas and skin type.

LED LED therapy technology - phototherapy treatment in blue, red and yellow light for the treatment and healing of subcutaneous infections, acne treatment, skin renewal, reduction of pore size, removal of enlarged capillaries, improvement of texture and skin tone, treatment of pigmentation and lightening of the skin.

Ultrasonic heating technology that softens the skin, warms, shocks the blacks and relaxes them to allow the extraction of the black heads easily.

How does a black vacuum cleaner device work?

Each person has at least three million pores, which with regular soap makes it difficult to clean the fat from depth.


The device causes a high-intensity vacuum in order to pump the black heads from the depths of the skin.  


The lower ultrasound head of the device  Warms up to a temperature of 46 degrees and produces a frequency of 8,600 voice vibrations per second, which causes the blacks to shake and relax to allow the blackheads to be pumped out easily. 

Advantages of the device

  • Thoroughly cleanses the facial skin, without damaging and leaving a mark.  


  • Extremely strong suction power, for thorough cleaning of the skin pores from their depth.


  • Has a heating head to soften the skin before treating blackheads.


  • Suitable for use on a wide range of areas, not just for facial skin.


  • A device for pumping blacks is wireless, there is no need to connect to electricity when using the device.


  • Wide treatment volume, can be treated at any time as needed.

Additional black cleaners

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