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Dental veneer in Turkey

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All those who are ashamed of their smile and do not smile with a full mouth can understand the longing for a white and aesthetic smile. But a Hollywood smile  In Israel it is very expensive to obtain. Prices range from tens to hundreds of thousands of shekels.

Dental veneer in Turkey  Are a perfect solution for those who want to get a Hollywood smile at affordable prices relative to the price of laminate flooring in the country.

ציפויי חרסינה ציפויים לשיניים בטורקיה מדיקל ביוטי סמייל חיוך הוליוודי.jpeg

Laminate dental veneer in Turkey  price

The price of laminate coatings in Israel ranges from NIS 2,000 to NIS 4,000 per tooth, while the price of laminate coatings in Turkey is about $ 400 per tooth! 

The price of a package of laminate coatings in Turkey includes a chauffeur, personal escort and a choreographer who translates Hebrew - Turkish in the clinic.  

Laminate dental veneer  In Turkey - What are they made of?

Laminate dental veneers are made of extremely strong and durable porcelain that can be used to create ultra-thin shells with a thickness of 0.2 mm. Compared to other porcelain veneers, this is an extremely thin coating that saves the need to sharpen teeth. And not felt at all.The suitability of the Laminate method includes a stage of thorough examination regarding the success of the treatment and the degree of suitability for each patient individually.


Dental veneer in Turkey - In which cases?

Dental veneer in Turkey Suitable for those who want to change the shape or color of the teeth and provides a durable and aesthetic solution to situations where the teeth are cracked

Or broken, for teeth that have undergone slight discoloration, for spaces in the teeth or for defective teeth.

Laminate dental veneer   - Aesthetics and maximum durability

Laminate coatings are considered to be the most durable and high-quality coatings in the field of aesthetics and dentistry, laminate coatings do not change color due to drinking coffee / tea / wine, smoking, etc. and are a long-term solution to many aesthetic defects, including gaps between teeth. Laminate veneers This is the most conservative and effective method for obtaining a new dental look without damaging the natural tooth and in a short time. Also laminate coatings have a more natural reflection.

Collaboration with the patient:

Dental coating design  In Turkey is done in full cooperation with the patient. The patient can experience the process of designing the veneers, choose a tooth shade and choose the shape of the dental veneers together with the doctor in the clinic.  

How to begin?

Call us at 03-6321826 or leave us a message.  

We will ask you for a photo of the mouth and a panoramic photo so that our doctor in Turkey can assess the scope of the treatment you need to perform.


You will receive a quote from us subject to the treatment plan.

We will coordinate together the date of treatment, flights and hotel near the hospital.

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