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Bucidin household hair removal device

Busidin - the most advanced hair removal device for home use, and the first of its kind that works with OPT technology used by the major hair removal centers.

OPT laser technology for hair removal at a rate of up to 96% already after 3 treatments. High-intensity infrared light technology for improving skin texture, firming, smoothing the skin and lightening pigmentation.

מכשיר bosidin בוסידין להסרת שיער דוגמנית.jpg

Laser hair removal In the most advanced technology in the world

Dynamic cooling function makes hair removal a treatment that is safe to use and completely painless, even the most sensitive areas are safe to use.


A 180 ° rotating head makes the treatment more flexible and easier.


Safe to use for facial hair removal (upper lip, chin) and all other areas of the body including legs, armpits, bikini area, abdomen and arms.


Approved for use by the FDA.

bosidin מכשיר להסרת שיער מקצועי.jpg

One click to auto flash mode brings you the smoothest and fastest operating experience.


An accurate head that has the ability to rotate 180 degrees in both directions allows you to perform hair removal even in hard-to-reach places.

Dual function in a single device - in addition to the hair removal function, Busidin combines flashes of three-layer infrared light to renew collagen, smooth wrinkles and restore skin elasticity.

The pulses hit the hair roots and easily remove even the toughest hair.

Continuous pulse technology allows heat to accumulate at the hair root and effectively suppress hair regrowth while preserving skin tissue.

The dynamic cooling function makes hair removal a safe treatment to use and completely painless, even the most sensitive areas are safe to use.


No gels or other ingredients are needed.

No need to replace bulbs.

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