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Zirconia crowns in Turkey are a perfect solution for those who want to get a Hollywood smile at affordable prices compared to the price list of zirconia crowns in Israel.

Zirconia crowns Price

The price of zirconia crowns in Israel is 2500-5000 NIS per tooth, while the price of a zirconia crown in Turkey is only about 650 NIS per tooth! 

The price of a package of dental care in Turkey includes a chauffeur, personal accompaniment and a choreographer who translates Hebrew - Turkish in the clinic. 

Zirconia crowns in Turkey

כתרים שיניים בטורקיה.png

Maximum aesthetics and durability:

Zircon crowns are manufactured by laboratory engraving  Therefore, maximum precision can be achieved in the production of zirconia crowns and create perfect teeth with a comfortable and pleasant feeling of real teeth.

Zirconia crowns do not change color, they do not wear out and are particularly resistant to acids or abrasions  for the long term. In addition to zirconia there is a slight transparency, which gives the crowns a natural look - so that it will not be possible to distinguish between the crowns and your real teeth!

What are zirconia crowns made of?

Zirconia crowns are made of a diamond-like mineral called zirconium. The zirconium mineral has been shown to have an exceptional durability and biological fit to the gums. Zirconium is perfectly suited to the color and texture of the tooth, its edges do not blacken over time and therefore a zirconia crown looks completely aesthetic and natural over time. Zirconia crowns are considered to be the strongest and most resistant to acid or abrasion.  

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Zirconia crowns - in which cases?

Zirconia crowns are suitable in cases where the tooth is weak or broken, in cases of gnashing of teeth (bruxism) or after performing root canal treatment.  

Zirconia crowns - the pinnacle of technology

Zirconia crowns in Turkey are considered the pinnacle of technology in the field of implants and crowns and there is a main reason for this: Today there are modern technologies that allow computerized design and manufacture of teeth by carving the desired tooth shape by a computerized lathe.

With the click of a button, you can build and design customized for every mouth and every demand.

Collaboration with the patient:

The design of zirconia crowns in Turkey is done in full cooperation with the patient. The patient can experience the process of shaping the new teeth, choose a tooth shade and choose the shape of the new teeth together with the doctor in the clinic.  

How to begin?

Call us at 03-6321826 or leave us a message.  

We will ask you for a photo of the mouth and a panoramic photo so that our doctor in Turkey can assess the scope of the treatment you need to perform.


You will receive a quote from us subject to the treatment plan.

We will coordinate together the date of treatment, flights and hotel near the hospital.

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