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Dental implants in Turkey

השתלת שיניים בטורקיה השתלתות שיניים בטור
השתלת שיניים בטורקיה

Dental implants in Turkey are the ultimate answer to a tooth or a number of missing teeth.  

Quality dental implants in Israel are usually unaffordable for many patients due to their high cost.

Our clinics in Turkey offer our patients a particularly cost-effective dental implant solution without compromising on the quality of the materials.  

Dental implants in Turkey  Price

The price of a dental implant in Israel ranges from NIS 4,000 to NIS 6,000 for a single tooth, while the price of a dental implant in Turkey is only about $ 650 per tooth! 

The price includes a chauffeur, personal escort and a chaplain who translates Hebrew - Turkish in the clinic.  


What are dental implants? 

Dental implants are made of titanium as it is known that titanium integrates perfectly and without side effects with your natural bone. As a result, the implant forms an artificial tooth root that anchors in place of a new dental crown. In the case of several missing teeth along the same row (three teeth or more) an implant bridge can be connected. Because the implant blends into the jawbone, the final look and feel is completely natural.



Dental implants in Turkey - In which cases?

A dental implant is a small screw that is placed inside the jawbone and its function is to replace teeth that are already missing or in need of replacement.

Dental implants in Turkey are done in a situation where one tooth is missing and restoration is needed, in such a situation one implant is implanted, and the missing tooth is completed.

Dental implants in Turkey are also done in cases where it is necessary to restore several teeth or an entire jaw.

Dental implants in Turkey - the expected process for the patient

The treatment can be completed with two short visits to Turkey. The first visit is to place your dental implants. After placing your implant you must wait at least 3 months before your permanent crown can be assembled. This is very important for all patients to ensure that your implants have time to stabilize and are strong in the jaw bone before any weight or force is applied,​​ Which ensures long-term success of your treatment. During one visit a temporary solution can be applied

How to begin?

Call us at 03-6321826 or leave us a message.  

We will ask you for a photo of the mouth and a panoramic photo so that our doctor in Turkey can assess the scope of the treatment you need to perform.


You will receive a quote from us subject to the treatment plan.

We will coordinate together the date of treatment, flights and hotel near the hospital.

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