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How to eliminate stretch marks with mesotherapy

Introduction -

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy treatment  Is therapy  With the help of a needle roller in the stabbing technique that helps stimulate blood circulation, the collagen is created and the skin regenerates.

Variety can be introduced  Solutions from this therapeutic cocktail that are individually tailored to each need.

How to hide  Stretch marks with mesotherapy?

Can be hidden  Stretch marks with the help of combined mesotherapy treatment  Serum from this is a concentrated cocktail

Combined mesotherapy treatment  Serum from this cocktail  Intended for stretch marks,  Post-acne scars (post-acne),  And in postoperative scars.

Mesotherapy treatment combined with serum cocktail for stretch marks contributes to the formation of collagen of the type common in the place of the special collagen which is formed at the time of scarring and stands out as foreign tissue.

This contributes to a significant improvement in the appearance of stretch marks  (Up to 50% compared to smooth skin).

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