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Lightening pigmentation and sun spots with the help of Drama Roller

Introduction -

What is Drama Roller Therapy

Drama roller therapy is therapy  With the help of a needle roller in the stabbing technique that helps stimulate blood circulation, the collagen is created and the skin regenerates.

Can be inserted with the help of Drama Roller  diverse  Solutions from this therapeutic cocktail that are individually tailored to each need.

How to lighten pigmentation and sun spots with mesotherapy?

Pigmentation and sun spots can be clarified with the help of Drama Roller combined  Serum from this is a concentrated cocktail


Drama roller therapy combined with Meso cocktail for lightening pigmentation, effective for treating uneven skin tone  And for general lightening of the skin. The serum is based on active ingredients that have been proven effective in clinical trials (on  Humans) in general lightening of the skin and in the treatment of hyper-pigmentation of various types such as: spots  Sun, age spots, and scarring.

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