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Treatment of blemishes on the face using a home appliance

What are blemishes on the face and what are they caused by?  


Our skin tone is mainly determined by a pigment called melanin, the melanin is found in the epidermis of the outer skin layer, when exposed to the sun melanin is formed in order to protect the skin, uneven distribution of melanin causes the appearance of spots on the face .

The main influences on the appearance of spots on the face are mainly sun exposure, birth control pills, medications, hormone replacement and age

כתמים על הפנים

How to lighten blemishes on the face  Through  Skin Cure device?


An effective skin cure device for treating facial blemishes and pigmentation.  

Treatment of blemishes on the face is done with the help of infrared light, the light passes through the skin and impairs the concentrations of melanin and thus causes the treatment of blemishes on the face

The amount of treatments needed depends on the patient's area, skin tone and type.  The treatment is suitable for almost every area of the body except sensitive areas.

The treatment with a device for treating blemishes on the face is a pleasant and painless treatment

5 treatments in one device


The Skin Cure device is an integrated device for a variety of home treatments for the body and face  

Lightening of pigmentation and spots  sun

Light beam treatment to renew the skin and reduce the appearance of sun spots, age, pigmentation, and skin blemishes.


Dissolving Cellulite Dissolving fat and toning the body

Treatment  For fat melting, slimming and cellulite reduction  With the help of ultrasound waves at a high and unique rate.

Wrinkle treatment  And skin rejuvenation

Treatment  On ultrasound  To stimulate  Blood circulation and skin regeneration and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.


Firming body and facial skin  

Stimulating ultrasound treatment  Natural collagen production and stimulates skin rejuvenation. For the treatment of facial and body skin.


Deep cleansing and skin rejuvenation

Removal of dead cells, disinfection and cleaning  Deep with the help of microcurrent therapy. 

Products for the treatment of pigmentation

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