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From today you can whiten your teeth

Without leaving the house! 

White Structure


Blue LED

You're fighting Intensely in food stains  drinks  And smoking  Accumulated over the years

צילום מסך 2020-11-12 ב-0.40.49.png
White Structure
צילום מסך 2020-11-12 ב-0.41.00.png


Blue LED + Rt

For thorough cleaning of the oral cavity

For use with toothpaste

Image by Mathew Schwartz

LED technology  

Blue + red

To neutralize  Bacteria Calming the gums  And prevention of infections that can cause bad odor  From the mouth

מכשיר להלבנת שיניים

Regular price: 410.00 NIS

Now on sale: 348.50 NIS

Teetrix home teeth whitening device

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