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Drama Hair Roller

Drama Hair Roller  And scalp for home care  In hair loss.

  A variety of quality models for home use.

Needle lengths: 

Drama Roller  0.2 mm 

Suitable for sensitive skin, for treatment  In fine wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, moisturizing and improving skin elasticity.  


Drama Roller  0.3 mm  

Suitable for normal skin, for facial and scalp treatments,  For the treatment of wrinkles and fine lines,   Introducing moisture and stimulating collagen production

Drama Roller  0.5 mm 

Suitable for treating hair loss,  Treatment of scars  And stretch marks, firming and smoothing wrinkles and stimulating collagen production.

Which drama roller is right for me?

Needle density: 

Most people tend to think that drama contains a roller coaster  More needles  It is more effective, but the opposite is true.

The lower the density of the needles the more the drama roller stabs and therefore also the more effective and produces better and faster results.

Titanium or stainless steel needles?

Both types of needles are equally effective,

But the sensitive ones below are advised to use a drama roller with titanium needles 

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